Men's eyebrows with lack of definition due to thining hair before the procedure.
Men's eyebrows after the procedure.
Men's eyebrow before the procedure lack the definition due to thining or the hair.
Men's eyebrow after the procedure gives more defined and youthful looking brows.


Men often struggle with the same conditions women do. It becomes more common for men to enhance their look with permanent makeup procedure.
Men’s eyebrow micropigmentation will help with irregularities and lack of definition due to early hair loss, but also more severe problems caused by medical conditions like alopecia and chemotherapy.

Eyebrow procedure is a three step process of consultation, treatment and retouch (usually 4-10 weeks after the first treatment)

Various techniques are used to best suite your needs.

Hair stroke technique – also known as the hair simulation technique, creates the most natural brow possible. The detail of each individual simulated hair blends in with the existing hair. The procedures also eliminates gaps caused by scars, over plucking or spars hair.

Powder brows technique – creates a fuller brow while providing a soft texture. The powder technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow make up.

The initial permanent make up treatments require two visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  Permanent make-up requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look. You can expect the enhancements to last from 12 to 36 months before the retouch may be required.
All procedures are priced per 2 sessions.