Large Golden Mean Calipers


Larger version of Golden Mean Calipers comes helpful in finding correct proportions in permanent makeup applications. This tool may be also used by biology & art students, makeup artists and designers.

A must-have for beauticians, estheticians and professional makeup artist.


Large Golden Mean Calipers

Golden Mean also referred to as Golden Section, Divine Proportion has been in use in art, architecture and variety of design work since ancient times. It can be found everywhere in nature from spiral of a seashells to sunflowers to human body.

We have been surrounded with golden proportions for a very long time therefore human eye got accustomed to it. It is accepted today that golden ratio creates aesthetically pleasing effects.

Professional makeup artist understand geometry and proportions of human face very well. Introducing golden ratio in their procedures will help to enhance the unique beauty of every customer.
Golden Mean Caliper will help finding the correct proportion for the beginning, arch and end of any eyebrow.

In modern times expensive computer software and automated machine use golden ratio very effectively. Golden mean calipers also come in a smaller size. This tool will definitely turn out to be a great addition to professionals working in a beauty industry.

No permanent makeup studio should be without it.


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